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There are a lot of women coming forward about their complications with the Mirena IUD. Many of these women are bringing lawsuits, against Bayer, the corporation that manufactures and markets Mirena IUD products. A recent example is a Kentucky woman that is bringing suit alleging that her Mirena IUD migrated and perforated her uterus.

In that woman’s particular case, the Mirena IUD was implanted by her medical provider in April of last year. The next month, the woman went for a follow up exam. The doctor had trouble finding the Mirena IUD. So, there was an x-ray performed. What that x-ray revealed was horrible. The x-ray revealed that the Mirena IUD had migrated out of her uterus.

In order for a Mirena IUD to migrate outside of the uterus, it must perforate, or cut a hole in the uterine wall and then force its way outside of the hole it ripped. Luckily, in this woman’s case the Mirena IUD was surgically removed before it could migrate any further, possibly even perforating her bladder or intestines. The woman underwent a surgery called a diagnostic laparoscopy to have the Mirena IUD removed. Ultimately, the Mirena IUD was found with one of its plastic ends pressing up against her right fallopian tube. This is a very dangerous position that could have caused an array of health problems if the migration had not been detected early.

In fact, the array of health concerns involving Mirena IUD migration is staggering and horrifying. Women use this device as a contraceptive, to help them with their family planning. It is important to remember that this product is marketed towards women that already have children. Therefore, commonly women with families get this device implanted, without knowing that it cause them grievous physical injury, to be infertile, or even to die.

The perforation of internal organs cause by the device’s migration can cause internal bleeding and infection, which can be a cause and catalyst to other issues that result in infertility and death. This is a very serious issue. And although it is tragic so many women have been harmed by this product, it is great that they are coming forward. Hopefully, these law suits will not only bring justice for those that were injured but also prevent other women from suffering in the same fashion.

Yet, thousands if not millions of women have been implanted with the Mirena IUD. The likelihood that others are going to suffer as a result is unfortunately very high.

Have you or a loved one been implanted with a Mirena IUD? Do you believe that you have been injured as a result? If so, the first thing you need to do is seek medical attention. The next thing you need to do in contact an experienced Florida Mirena suit attorney. The dedicated attorneys and legal staff at the Dolman Law Group are experienced handling Mirena cases. We are ready and willing to help you and your family with this sensitive issue. Please call us today at 727-451-6900. All initial consultations are free and confidential.

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