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Deciding on the best qualified attorney for your personal injury case is not a simple endeavor. As a prospective client seeking legal representation, it is essential that you research whether the potential lawyer litigates their own cases, or if they choose to outsource litigation to a better qualified lawyer outside of their firm. Shockingly, many attorneys, including some of the most popular advertisers, do not litigate their own cases and are extremely difficult to get in touch with. On a number of occasions, the Dolman Law Group has retained injury victims who felt the need to end their previous relationships with some of the biggest advertising firms. We find it unfortunate that these clients never spoke with their prior attorney and were only introduced to the case manager or paralegal during the consultation.

The Dolman Difference:

  • Every client is provided the mobile phone number and email address for the attorney handling their case. We strive to remain as accessible as possible to our clients.

  • All legal work product is generated by the attorneys at the Dolman Law group, as opposed to a paralegal or case manager (which is common at many of the “Tampa television law firms”)

  • We litigate our cases throughout the State of Florida and more specifically, we maintain an active litigation practice in Pinellas County, Hillsborough County, Manatee County, Sarasota County and Pasco County.

  • We limit our practice to personal injury claims and cases. Personal Injury is all we do.

  • The team of injury lawyers at Dolman Law will only represent Florida consumers/victims and never represent an insurance carrier.

The Dolman Law Group is a personal injury firm comprised of Florida Trial attorneys committed to leveling the playing field with insurance carriers and corporate giants in personal injury cases. The Dolman Law Firm handles serious injury claims relating to medical malpractice, defective medications and bad drugs, bad faith insurance, and HMOs/ managed care abuse. Our injury attorneys only represent plaintiffs and will never represent the interests of an insurance carrier. Furthermore, our biggest priority is to remain accessible to all clients that retain us as legal counsel, therefore we provide all clients with the cell phone number of the handling attorney.

The damage caused by defective medications and medical malpractice often result in permanent emotional damage or serious physical injuries. In fact, unsafe pharmaceutical drugs can result in a stroke, heart attack, pulmonary embolism, degradation of bones, and other issues that lead to an overall diminution of an individual’s quality of life. Other defective medications cause damage to the reproductive organs, brain, and the endocrine system (hormones). Furthermore, nearly one in three mistakes by a medical professional result in someone’s death.

At the Dolman Law Group, we define a bad drug as a medication whose harm outweighs its potential benefit. If you have been physically harmed as a result of a medication,h or more specifically, if you are a woman who is using the Mirena IUD, you should seek medical attention simply as a precaution against potential adverse effects. If you have symptoms or suffer from any illness or injury caused by this birth control device, or any other defective medication, it could benefit you to seek the advice of an experienced defective medication attorney. You may be entitled to significant damages. Call today for your free consultation and case evaluation: 727-451-6900